to no God in particular

spring night under a bright moon.... let me decorate the world, let me make it beautiful, let it be be beautiful... fill everyone with kindness tonight through the moonbeams

a winter night... please help my friend to get the job she wants, and for her interview to go well... please push love on all the people tonight. let us all bask in the beauty

september 30th 2023, night... be sweet on me tonight. i could smell these leaves forever. i could lift my eyes forever and see the clouds moving there and be happy. please, i pray, bring me a light out of this darkness and bring me a sweetness and bring me art. please protect all the good people, and send them light and love and wisdom. O collection of complicated matter, wind me further.

august 17th 2022 11:33pm.... may the sky always look like it's full of angel fire, may the water always look like silver in the clouded sunlight, may the skin on [boyfriend]'s body always be soft and bright, may the water always feel sweet on my body, may the hills always loom over like gods, may the fields always look like running away, may the wind always feel like home, may the wind always shine with freshness, may the night air always taste like this, may the stars stay bright, may the moon always careen over the sky with such beauty, may i find the courage and strength to smile smile smile and love everyone i know with grace and ease and sincereity.

august 15th 2022 12:20am..... i pray that my family always finds a way to hang out together and stay close. keep my nieces and nephews safe and well. keep my parents happy and healthy. i pray that the moss grows more beautiful every day

november 21st, 2022 12:09AM....... Dear Lord, whoever you may be, please guide me to find motivation.... to find purpose, to find art and to find joy..... let me wake to the bristling sunlight and fall over in the bleaching moonlight. Let me always be open and receptive to new sensations and new worlds within our world. Today I was so grateful when i was on the beach and I had the overwhelming sensation that i was on the moon, walking on an entirely new orb than where i was born, it's so pretty to be swept away in an illusion and a feeling and a story that you see in your mind like a passing breeze. Guide me to this and guide me to creation. i have felt so empty lately, like i have nothing to give or create, but i know I must to survive. Please guide me oh Lord, I will let you be my shepard....

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